Amphibious Excavator Pontoon Track Chain Link

  • Material: We use 40Cr as the raw material for chain production. It can guarantee the normal use of the chain for more than 2000 hours.
  • Applicability: The chains we produce are suitable for chassis of various brands. Only need to confirm the key data to meet the adaptability conditions of most cases.
  • Customization: We customize products according to customer needs and do not set up inventory. But still enjoy a lower market price.

Drawing and Parameter Confirmation of Amphibious Excavator Pontoon Track Chain Link

Please confirm the data of the track link below before you place an order of the Amphibious Excavator track chain.

There’re two types of Amphibious Excavator track chain. If your Amphibious pontoon is bought from China, you probably using type A Track link. If EIK is your supplier of Amphibious pontoon. Then you must be using the type B track link.


Type A

Type B