Production Process Inspection

From the mold to the product at each stage, inspection is carried out to ensure the quality of the final product.

Mold Correction

The mold is corrected every 5000 chains produced

Wire Cutting Chain Link Detection

Cut the semi-finished chain piece to facilitate subsequent inspection

Machining single batch sampling inspection

Ensuring that each batch of chains meets technical standards

Flaw Detection

Flaw detection can detect non-surface damage to ensure chain life is up to standard

Preparation For Flaw Detection

Spray chemicals on the surface of the chain to prepare for flaw detection

Flaw Detection

Each piece of chain is tested by flaw detection to ensure product quality

Other Detection Pictures

Shows the testing equipment and content used in each production link

Excavator Model

Raw Material Spectral Measurement

Track Bush Outer Diameter

Pressure Testing Machine

Track Link Height

Full Model Inspection

Track Link Panoramic View

Mold Correction Machine

Track Bush Appearance

Multiple Cutting Equipment

Track Link Panoramic View

Tensile Strength Test Results

Track Bush Appearance

Hardness Testing Machine

Track Link Panoramic View

Pin Compressive Strength Test